Dairy Quality Center

Dairy Quality Center's Sustainable Dairy Award

Earning the DQC Sustainable Dairy Award

The typical Verified Premium Plus dairy is producing food right - right for the planet, the cows, employees of the dairy, and for consumers. The consumer is encouraged to trust the system and in turn trust that their food is produced correctly - sustainably. We call this system the Verified Premium Plus Brand.

The Dairy Quality Center's Sustainable Dairy Award is based upon transparent guidelines that are verified by a licensed veterinarian utilizing the Verified Premium Plus annual pre-harvest audit.

To achieve the Sustainable Dairy Award, the dairy's bulk tank somatic cell count must be less than 200,000 cells/ml. In addition, the dairy must score at least 90% in EACH of these six critical control areas:

  • Milk Safety, Quality, Sustainability
  • Dairy Animal Care
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Pathogen Management (animal health)
  • Personnel Management
  • Dairy Beef Safety, Quality, Sustainability

When a dairy earns accolades for their work, consumers identify with the dairy's dedication and commitment to food quality.

The Dairy Quality Center proudly recognizes our many certified dairies that are "doing it right."

DQC Sustainable Dairy Award

Latest VPP dairies to be honored for Sustainability:

February 2019

Schultz Brothers FarmSchoharie, NY1st year
Darlington Ridge FarmsDarlington, WI1st year
SI - Ellen DairyJerome, ID1st year
White Clover DairyJerome, ID1st year
Red Clover DairyJerome, ID1st year
United AgPlainview, TX3rd year
Red Rock DairyAmherst, TX3rd year

Previous VPP dairies to be honored for Sustainability:

January 2019

Rajen DairyClovis, NM1st year
Dutch Road DairyMuleshoe, TX1st year
Gold Star DairyHereford, TX1st year
Monument Farms DairyWeybridge, VT1st year
LF Hurtubise & SonsRichford, VT1st year
Syracuse DairySyracuse, KS2nd year
Caprock Dairy #1Amherst, TX2nd year
Avi-Lanche JerseysDalhart, TX2nd year
Boer Jersey DairyDalhart, TX2nd year
Windmill FarmsDublin, TX2nd year
Noble DairyGarden City, KS4th year
High Plains DairyFriona, TX4th year
Highland Dairy Farm Glade Spring, VA2nd year
Legend DairyClovis, NM1st year

November 2018

High Noon DairyHereford, TX3rd year
Cotton Lane DairyIdalou, TX1st year

October 2018

Royal Farms DairyGarden City, KS3rd year
D & J DairyHereford, TX3rd year
Woodview FarmsGreene, NY1st year
TLK DairyMountain Home, ID1st year
Gill Dairy South Solon, OH1st year

September 2018

Cedar Ridge Dairy #1Twin Falls, ID1st year
Cedar Ridge Dairy #2Twin Falls, ID1st year
Cedar Ridge Dairy #3Twin Falls, ID1st year
Cedar Ridge Dairy #4Twin Falls, ID1st year
Coronado DairyWilcox, AZ1st year
Sunview DairyMountain Home, ID1st year
Westpoint FarmsWendell, ID1st year
Ridge View DairyFriona, TX2nd year

August 2018

JX Cattle - Faria BrothersDumas, TX2nd year
JX Cattle - Faria DumasDumas, TX2nd year
JX Cattle - Faria EtterDumas, TX2nd year
Falls Pride DairyOriskany Falls, NY2nd year
Rock Solid Dairy LLCShippensburg, PA2nd year
Northern Sky DairyCastleford, ID1st year
JX Cattle - Southside DairyHart, TX1st year
JX Cattle - Hartley FarmsDumas, TX1st year
Wolf Creek DairySeverance, CO1st year
Dairylain FarmsVale, OR1st year
Silver Creek Dairy LLCForest, OH1st year
Natural Choice Dairy LLCAlger, OH1st year
Golden J JerseysDalhart, TX1st year
Consolidated Dairy Management LLCHartley, TX1st year

July 2018

Palla, Inc. IClovis, NM2nd year
Palla, Inc. IIClovis, NM2nd year
Palla, Inc. IIIClovis, NM2nd year
Riverview DairyAmalga, UT1st year
Red River DairyPampa, TX1st year

June 2018

J7 DairyTribune, KS3rd year
Hermana Dairy LLCCoolidge, KS3rd year
Frontier DairySyracuse, KS3rd year
Coldwater DairyStratford, TX3rd year
CDFD HartleyHartley, TX2nd year
SD FarmsBovina, TX2nd year
G2 Producers EastDumas, TX2nd year
Hide-A-Way DairyPortales, NM1st year
Corrales DairyRoswell, NM1st year
SMD, LLCOutlook, WA1st year
DBD Washington, LLCOutlook, WA1st year
High Point AcresBoonsboro, MD1st year

May 2018

Vista Grande DairyPlainview, TX2nd year
Desert View DairyTexico, NM2nd year
G2 Producers HarvestDumas, TX2nd year
Whitesides DairyRupert, ID1st year

April 2018

Tuls Dairy FarmLiberal, KS3rd year
Southwind DairyHagerman, NM3rd year
Las Uvas Valley DairyHatch, NM1st year
Briggs FarmAddison, VT1st year

March 2018

Savage-Leigh FarmKnoxville, MD2nd year
CBJ FarmsDimmitt, TX1st year
Mason Run FarmBruceton Mills, WV2nd year
Darlington Ridge Farms LLCDarlington, WI1st year
Mas-Cow DairyMoscow, KS3rd year
Catalpadale Dairy Ltd.Marshallville, OH2nd year
Bristol Dairy Ltd.Marshallville, OH2nd year

February 2018

Pleasant Valley Farms of BerkshireRichford, VT2nd year
Vanderham Dairy #2Hart, TX3rd year
Haakma DairyFarwell, TX1st year
Syracuse Dairy LLCSyracuse, KS2nd year
North Star DairyHereford, TX3rd year
United AgPlainview, TX3rd year
Gervais Family FarmEnosburg Falls, VT2nd year
Gervais Family Farm 2 LLCEnosburg Falls, VT2nd year
Lost Trail DairyBoise City, OK1st year
Windmill FarmsDublin, TX1st year

January 2018

Evergreen FarmsMuleshoe, TX1st year
Avi-Lanche JerseysDalhart, TX2nd year
McCarty Dairy-RexfordRexford, KS2nd year
McCarty Farms-Beaver CityBeaver City, NE2nd year
Palmyra Farm LLCHagerstown, MD1st year
Schultz Brothers FarmSchoharie, NY1st year
Cnossen DairyHereford, TX1st year
L.F. Hurtubise & SonsRichford, VT1st year
Noble DairyGarden City, KS3rd year
Rajen DairyClovis, NM1st year
Caprock Dairy 1Muleshoe, TX2nd year
High Plains Dairy-TXFriona, TX3rd year
High Plains PonderosaPlains, KS3rd year
Oakridge Dairy LLCEllington, CT1st year

November 2017

Rocky Top DairyHobbs, NM1st year
Cross Winds DairyAlburgh, VT1st year
Royal Farms DairyGarden City, KS2nd year

October 2017

Frisia Hartley DairyHartley, TX1st year

September 2017

Rock Solid DairyShippensburg, PA1st year
Falls Pride DairyOriskany Falls, NY1st year
Ridge View DairyFriona, TX1st year

August 2017

D & J DairyHereford, TX2nd year
Aurora - High Plains ComplexGill, CO2nd year

July 2017

JX Cattle LLC - Faria Brothers DairyDumas, TX1st year
JX Cattle LLC - Dumas DairyDumas, TX1st year
JX Cattle LLC - Hartley DairyDumas, TX1st year
Palla, Inc. IClovis, NM1st year
Palla, Inc. IIClovis, NM1st year
Palla, Inc. IIICanyon, TX1st year
Full Circle JerseysDalhart, TX1st year
TJ DairyAmherst, TX2nd year
Legacy FarmsPlainview, TX2nd year

June 2017

McCarty-Bird City DairyBird City, KS2nd year
Coldwater DairyStratford, TX2nd year
Frontier DairySyracuse, KS2nd year
Hermana DairySyracuse, KS2nd year
SD FarmsBovina, TX1st year

May 2017

G2 Producers HarvestDumas, TX1st year
Vista Grande DairyPlainview, TX1st year
W Dairy LLCMadison, GA1st year

April 2017

Scott City DairyScott City, KS2nd year
Tuls Dairy FarmLiberal, KS2nd year
Bristol DairyMarshallville, OH1st year
Catalpadale DairyMarshallville, OH1st year
Van Deurzen Dairy LLCAlger, OH1st year

March 2017

Dairy FountainPlainview, TX2nd year
Southwind DairyHagerman, NM2nd year
Dairy VenturesTribune, KS2nd year
Mas Cow DairyMoscow, KS2nd year
Gervais Family Farm, Inc.Enosburg Falls, VT1st year
Gervais Family Farm 2 LLCEnosburg Falls, VT1st year
Maxwell's Neighborhood Farm LLCNewport, VT1st year
Mason Run FarmBruceton Mills, WV1st year

February 2017

Noble Dairy LLCGarden City, KS2nd year
North Star DairyHereford, TX2nd year
Ponderosa DairyAmargosa Valley, NV2nd year
Amargosa DairyAmargosa Valley, NV2nd year
Moapa DairyAmargosa Valley, NV2nd year
High Plains DairyFriona, TX2nd year
Red Rock DairyAmherst, TX2nd year

January 2017

Avi-Lanche JerseysDalhart, TX1st year
Caprock Dairy I & IIMuleshoe, TX1st year
A-Tex DairyFriona, TX1st year
Vanderham Dairy #2Hat, TX2nd year
Savage-Leigh FarmKnoxville, MD1st year
Pleasant Valley FarmRichford, VT1st year
LF Hurtubise & SonsRichford, VT1st year
Danforth Jersey FarmJefferson, NY1st year

December 2016

High Noon DairyHereford, TX
McCarty Dairy-RexfordRexford, KS
McCarty Farms-Beaver CityBeaver City, NE
Royal Farms DairyGarden City, KS
High Plains Dairy-KSPlains, KS
Syracuse DairySyracuse, KS

October 2016

Boer DairyDalhart, TX

August 2016

Presidio DairyMuleshoe, TX
Hartley Dairy #1Dumas, TX
High Plains ComplexGill, CO

July 2016

Legacy DairyPlainview, TX
TJ DairyAmherst, TX
G2 Producers EastDalhart, TX

June 2016

Hermana DairySyracuse, KS
Frontier DairySyracuse, KS
Rio Vista DairyCoolidge, KS
D & J DairyHereford, TX
CDFD-HartleyHartley, TX

May 2016

Dairy FountainPlainview, TX
Tuls Dairy FarmLiberal, KS

April 2016

Dairy FountainPlainview, TX
Tuls Dairy FarmLiberal, KS

March 2016

High Plains DairyFriona, TX
McCarty Farms-Scott CityScott City, KS
Mas Cow DairyMoscow, KS
Desert View DairyTexico, NM
Red Rock DairyAmherst, TX

February 2016

North Star DairyHereford, TX
Southwind DairyHagerman, NM
Vanderham Dairy #2Hart, TX
Noble DairyGarden City, KS
Dairy VenturesTribune, KS
Milk Unlimited Dairy FarmsAtlantic, IA

January 2016

Ponderosa DairyAmargosa Valley, NV
Moapa DairyAmargosa Valley, NV
Amargosa DairyAmargosa Valley, NV
High Plains DairyPlains, KS
Royal Farms DairyGarden City, KS
Syracuse DairySyracuse, KS