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Wadsworth receives 2012 Veterinarian of the Year Award

            Colette Johnston (left) of the Dairy Quality Center presented Dr. Stephen Wadsworth (center) with a plaque honoring Dr. Wadsworth as the 2012 DQC Veterinarian of the Year.  The award was presented at the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) annual meeting held September 19-21, in Montreal, Canada.  Also present was Dr. Tom Van Dyke, (right) Manager of Merial Veterinary Services Team, co-sponsor of the annual award.


Dr. Stephen Wadsworth was born in Burlington, Vermont and raised in Essex Junction, Vermont.  Steve graduated from the University of Vermont and managed a dairy in Northeastern Indiana prior to attending and graduating from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. 


Dr. Wadsworth assists his dairy clients in earning discounts on their insurance premiums with the Verified Premium Plus Program.  Reducing risks, striving to keep protocols current and animals healthy are part of the efforts to reduce the potential for residues and heard health emergencies on the dairy.  Profitability on the dairy is targeted to assist dairy clients in achieving goals driving their success.


            Dr. Wadsworth is part of the Northwest Veterinary Associates, Inc., in St. Albans, Vermont where six veterinarians provide progressive animal health services to regional dairies.


            Congratulations to Dr. Wadsworth for his commitment to his dairy clients!