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Agri-Education, Inc.Stratford, IowaVol. 1 #4

Event Title: Slice of Cruelty

Open Letter to Dairy Managers

"The New Mexico Livestock Board has launched an investigation into a southern New Mexico dairy after an activist working with an animal welfare group recorded secret video showing workers whipping cows with chains and wire cable, kicking and punching the animals, and shocking them with electric prods." -- The Associated Press

This activist group alleges these types of abuses illustrate that all dairies are failing to meet industry standards.

This email notice facilitates printing a memo for your dairy's middle managers related to the recent attack on a New Mexico dairy.

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Our dairy recognizes that our success may make us vulnerable to animal activists to use undercover videos to disrupt our business. Recently one of the more prominent vegetarian diet promoters released videos of alleged animal abuse on a New Mexico dairy. The goal appeared to condemn all dairy farmers and their employees. As manager, I identify with the need for all of our employees to be vigilant.

Treating cows with dignity

How can our dairy create or add to our culture that every animal is important? After viewing the video (again) how do we make dignity of the cow a normal part of our leadership culture?

Food Production

The normal daily routine on our dairy can mask or dilute the fact we are producing food. Can we name evidence that our employees are constantly reminded that this dairy is all about food.

Several suggestions for reminding your middle managers they are in charge of a key part of food production can be found in the Memo.


Showing graphic photos from a dairy facility to a consumer is shocking. The graphics in the newscast depicted horrible care, but even many normal activities at this dairy may seem alarming to a consumer.

Printable memo for key middle managers on the dairy.