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Our Brand

Our brand, Verified Premium Plus Milk and Beef, is produced by dairy farmers all over the nation. Since milking takes place 2 or more times every day, an emotional attachment is established between the milkers/care takers and the cows during each cow's milking career.

The careful consultation during the cow's productive years by a veterinarian results in food that is of high quality, healthy for you, safe, and nutritious. Nutritious milk is available by the glass, carton or in delicious ice cream, yogurt or hundreds of other food products. The dairy isle is an important stop in any super market. The dairy cow is an important source of beef. Dairy beef has variety, flexibility and many choices that provide exceptional taste and experience - all represented by our brand "Verified Premium Plus Milk or Beef."

Most of our Verified Premium Plus farmers receive a premium price for their food as it leaves their dairy. An earned and deserving reward for several years of superb animal care. We at the Dairy Quality Center are proud to be associated with the brand Verified Premium Plus.

Indicators Of Quality

  • Antibiotic free

    Our certified auditors are licensed veterinarians. They have a special commitment to keeping animal drugs out of the milk and dairy beef supply.

    These selected veterinarians are loyal to the Verified Premium Plus brand and to its consumers - the milk and beef buyer.

    As such, a Verified Premium Plus (VPP) veterinarian also has a brand - their name, their practice, their school, and themselves. They have worked hard to build trust, consistency and passion with their clients - the dairy farmer. They are proud of their role in assuring consumers of Verified Premium Plus Beef that everything possible is in order for the consumer - after all it's their food.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Nearly everyone's estimates of world population indicate that today's young dairy farmer will need to feed twice as many people by the time he or she retires (9 billion).

    Verified Premium Plus (VPP) producers believe this increased food production can be accomplished in a manner that uses fewer resources than used today.

    This is a VPP producer's definition of environmental sustainability. Included in this bold statement is the desire to improve the environment (water, soil, and habitat). This dream of environmental sustainability includes improving human health and access to safe nutritious food. The VPP dairy leader also wants to improve the social and economic well being of his/her community.

    The annual audits of his/her dairy develop the metrics to measure outcomes of his/her practices. These metrics allow tracking, trends, and faster dialog between the farmer and the consumer.

    The starting point in this idea enhancement focuses on nitrogen and phosphorus -two critical elements in the quest for quality.

  • Nitrogen

    VPP herds' nutrition is regularly tested by pulling milk samples and developing MUN scores. MUN (Milk Urea Nitrogen) helps the dairy nutritionist/veterinarian plan rations for the animals that do not over feed nitrogen.

    Any extra nitrogen (MUN score over 12) is wasted for the milk cow's nutrition and is excreted in the urine. This becomes a problem for the environment and an economic problem for the producer. VPP auditors help the farmer make changes to protect the environment and to lower the cost of production of milk and meat.

  • Phosphorus

    VPP producers are careful not to over feed phosphorous - one of the most difficult elements to remove from the soil. International standards have been set for phosphorus in the feed - and Verified Premium Plus herds are careful to stay under the limits when feeding their cows.

    The results protect the environment, maximizing production, and saving resources, all part of sustainable agriculture - food production.

  • Dairy Animal Care

    The Verified Premium Plus herds are scored by licensed veterinarians - the consumer's choice for evaluation of animal health - after all, the animals on our nations dairy farms are producing our food.

    The Verified Premium Plus brand is built on veterinarians' observations - someone with the training, skill and passion for the dairy animal. Their initial training, in-service education, code of ethics and their very brand as a veterinarian make them special.

    The Dairy Quality Center is confident that their Verified Premium Plus brand of food products are produced by healthy animals with the best care.

    The standards we recommend can be found in the following references:

    • Penn State
    • American Humane
    • FARM

    The outcomes that are measured by the Verified Premium Plus veterinarian normally show improvement each year and are evidence that the Verified Premium Plus program is guiding improvement each year.

  • Pathogen Management

    Consumers want a face or relationship with the farmer who raises their food. Why? Consumers believe their food choices greatly impact their lives, growth, maintain health, or unfortunately, cause them to become ill.

    That brings us to pathogens - wide-spread organisms that can ruin a consumer's day. The production of milk and dairy products is in the hands of the certified veterinarian on our Verified Premium Plus dairies. The veterinarian has studied pathogens, their life cycle, their control or even their prevention. The coveted license to practice veterinary medicine is earned and certainly respected. That is why the DQ Center will only use licensed, certified veterinarians as auditors.

    These talented individuals are relied upon to accurately prescribe our most powerful drugs much like a pharmacist's role in dispensing human drugs.

    Licensed veterinarians are called upon in any national animal or human health emergencies that might occur in the U.S.

    Pathogen management is a big part of healthy food and Verified Premium Plus certification.

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