Dairy Quality Center
Project In Charge


Respond to dairy producer’s demand for an animal care program in which the individual dairy is clearly “in charge” to protect the dairy’s farm brand.


Capture the passion and/or anger that individual dairy producers experience when an advocate organization releases videos showing alleged animal abuse on American animal farms.

Funnel this passion toward developing an active Dairy Animal Care Plan featuring:

  • Attitude of manager and employees
  • Dignity of the animal
  • Food is a branded product
  • All aspects of pre-harvest are transparent to consumer
  • An essential part of a sustainable dairy

This animal care plan would feature numerous management team discussions of actual animal care “events” within a week of their release to the public.

In addition, each participating dairy would develop an annual dairy animal care plan in conjunction with their herd veterinarian and other dairy professionals.

The dairy activities would clearly define the dairy animal care actions which would be compatible with DQ Center’s Verified Premium Plus standards.