Dairy Quality Center

Verified Premium Plus Milk

Consumers are asking for pre-harvest evidence from the farm to help them feel confident that dairy animals are not abused at the dairy.

The Verified Premium Plus rating is earned by a careful review of actual practices at the dairy-generally by a herd veterinarian or other third party veterinarian.

After the market (meat or milk) requests an evaluation, the verifier arranges to visit the dairy and rate the producer's actions, records, animals, etc.

The meat or milk market manufactures food that will be marketed to retail food companies with confidence that the animals, environment, and personnel have not been abused.

Consumers have their need met resulting in confidence in the safety of the cheese, ice cream, hamburgers, etc. that they purchase.

How Dairies Are Verified

Benefits For Milk & Beef Producers!

  • Generate more income for the milk producer and produce higher quality milk and dairy beef
    • More milk per cow
    • Lower SCC / milk premiums
    • Premiums from some milk or dairy beef markets
    • Functioning herd health team
  • Promote a long-term dedicated labor force with less turnover
    • Share milk reports with employees as teaching opportunities
    • Set incentives for employees to meet goals
    • Instill pride in a job well done
    • Encourage open communication
  • Connect animal care/welfare to added milk production
    • Healthy satisfied cows produce more milk
    • Cow wellness
  • Meet the need for positive press in local community
    • Press release for earning Verified Premium Plus rating
    • Professional looking brochure about milk production.
  • Proof of responsible practices
    • Establish milking and vaccination/treatment protocols
    • Livestock owner's certificate
    • Drug records for each animal
    • Written Nutrient Plan
    • Written protocols for downer animals