Dairy Quality Center

Reducing Risks and Offering Insurance Discounts

Verified Premium Plus Credit

By participating and earning the Dairy Quality Center's Verified Premium Plus (VPP) Certification, you demonstrate a commitment to producing the highest quality milk and meat products. As a result, you become eligible for a 15% credit on certain coverages from your American National Insurance agent detailed in the SFP10® Credit Program.

American National recognizes that milk producers who have earned a Verified Premium Plus status with their veterinarian have a proven record of fewer antibiotic residue claims.

The VPP Program assists you in implementing "Best Management Practices" with will help improve quality, while at the same time reducing your costs - thus improving your bottom line.

You can qualify for the American National Program discount by:

  1. Asking your American National agent for the Dairy Quality Center's Verified Premium Plus Program information.
  2. Send in your registration information to the Dairy Quality Center (800-55Dairy) and we will work with your veterinarian to get the process started!
  3. Your veterinarian will score your dairy under the Dairy Quality Center's Verified Premium Plus Program.

At American National we are committed to supporting the safety and security of the farming community. We are pleased to partner with the Dairy Quality Center to help promote sustainable dairy operations by reducing risk and protecting animal health.

American National provides a full range of coverages, including policies tailored to the specific needs of milk producers. We can advise you on the right type of coverage to best protect your interests, including coverages to best protect your interests, including coverages for antibiotic residues in milk, and exposure to groundwater pollution.

Special Farm Package®

One of the cornerstones of American National's insurance program is our SFP10® policy, providing effective yet flexible property and casualty coverage relevant to dairy operations of varying size and scope. A number of coverage options help ensure you are getting just the amount of coverage you want.

Depending on the coverages desires, you may customize your SFP10® policy by choosing among five divisions and a variety of options within those divisions. SFP10® combines similar perils (causes of loss such as windstorm, fire, theft, etc.) into groups to achieve the combination of coverages that are right for your.

Major SFP10® coverage categories include:

  • Residences and Household Contents
  • Buildings and Building Contents
  • Farm Personal Property
  • Liability

This information contains only a general description of the coverages and is not a statement of contract. All coverages are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy itself. Not all coverages are available in all states. Products are offered by Farm Family Casualty Insurance Company in CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, MJ, NY, RI, VA, VT and WV; and by United Farm Family Insurance Company in MD and PA.

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