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How To Eliminate Horns

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Without The Pain . . .

of dehorning

Learn how dairies are choosing pain free strategies through genetics.

Horn Free is . . . PAIN FREE!

Dear Retailer,

What message are you providing to your customers?

For many retailers animal care is top priority!  Milk producers can choose to breed cows so there is no need to dehorn baby calves!  “Traditionally, removing the horns is a painful process - one a teacher would not want demonstrated for her class of third grade students touring a dairy.”

Dairy Quality Center Official

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Genetics makes it possible to breed-out the horns!  This eliminates the tradition of cutting, burning and using acid to dehorn baby calves.  Support breaking with tradition and end the pain with the modern animal care practice of using polled genetics.

Modern bull selection can eliminate horns.  Heifer calves and resulting milk cows can be naturally “polled” - no horns to injure dairy employees or other cows, all WITHOUT PAIN.

Retailers of milk or dairy beef can encourage suppliers for producers to use polled genetics.  The Dairy Quality Center (DQ Center) can be your partner to improve animal care.

Put Action Into Your Company’s Animal

Welfare Policy

Choose - No more Horns!  (No more pain!)

Take a stand to promote polled genetics with your milk and dairy beef suppliers.

  1. Include polled genetic practices in your company's animal welfare statements.
  2. Send an email of support for polled genetic practices and we will post on the DQ Center's website.
  3. Write a letter offering your support to the DQ Center encouraging the use of polled genetic practices.
  4. Invite the DQ Center staff to attend your next meeting.
  5. Enlist the DQ Center to cooperatively reach out to your milk markets to educate dairy producers to make changes to include polled genetics.
  6. Offer financial incentives to encourage dairy operation to use polled genetics.
  7. Co-sponsor a DQ Center training kit for certified VPP veterinarians.
  8. Please call, contact information.

No Pain = big gain for the baby calves!

Join the trend to promote polled genetics and support your local milk markets and milk producers who are choosing to make a change in their animal care!

Traditionally, all milk producers had to dehorn their calves which required pain medications.  Today - with modern practices milk producers can eliminate the need for more drugs and anesthetics.  They can breed out the horns!

Polled genetics provides a positive Transparent message from the dairy to the consumer.  Polled genetics encourages Traceability that leads to Sustainable milk production!

Consumers are asking for pre-harvest evidence from the farm to help them feel confident that dairy animals, the environment, and employees are not abused at the dairy.

The Dairy Quality Center assists producers in upholding and documenting animal well-being standards used at their dairies.  Our certified veterinarians verify the “Transparency”, Traceability and Sustainability for the entire food chain.