Dairy Quality Center

Verified Premium Plus Beef

Consumers are asking for pre-harvest evidence from the farm to help them feel confident that dairy animals, the environment, and employees are not abused at the dairy.

The Verified Premium Plus rating is earned by a careful review of actual outcomes of practices at the dairy-generally by a herd veterinarian or other third party veterinarian.

After the beef market requests a pre-harvest evaluation, the Dairy Quality Center arranges a verifier to inspect the dairy animals and rate the outcomes of the producer's actions, records, animal care, etc. This verification backs up the "brand" Verified Premium Plus Beef.

When market cows are marketed at or near the end of her life in the milking string, they are moved to the beef packer to be processed as wholesome beef.

The meat they process will be marketed to retail food companies with confidence that the animals, environment, and farm personnel have not been abused.

The Verified Premium Plus Beef brand is not just a name or logo, however.

Verified Premium Plus Beef is a promise to our customers. This promise illustrates where we are from; it's what we are proud of and illustrates our vision and personality.

Our brand, Verified Premium Plus, represents that our beef is health enhanced, safe, and nutritious, which meets the consumer's desire for quality beef.

Consumers have their needs met resulting in confidence in the safety of the hamburgers, muscle cuts, etc. that they put on the center of the plate.

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